Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Seek Thermal Presents Automotive Thermal Camera

PRNewswire: Seek Thermal presents its QVGA thermal imaging camera for automotive aftermarket priced at under $999. The thermal image camera easily integrates with existing automotive infotainment systems, making it easier than ever to add high-resolution thermal imaging to your vehicle at low price point.

"The goal of thermal imaging is simple: to give drivers information about their surroundings and help them react to potential hazards," said Tim LeBeau of Seek Thermal. "Risky driving factors such as darkness, rain, fog, snow, and glare become far less dangerous when a driver has access to real-time thermal data. These benefits will also be key in increasing safety in autonomous vehicles. Due to high cost though, this technology has only been available in a select number of high-end automobiles. It is our mission to provide life-saving technology that is available to everyone."

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