Monday, January 15, 2018

Imec 3D Stacking Aims to 100nm Contact Pitch

Imec article on 3D bonding technology by Eric Beyne, imec fellow & program director 3D system integration presents solutions that are supposed to reach 100nm contact pitch:

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  1. For 100nm picth for contact is in the context of 3D sequential. It means the first key FEOL levels of the top Tier die are aligned to the bottom tier, and manufactuered after Top Tier is completed. Consequently devices of the top tier have to be manufactuered with an acceptable thermal budget for the FEOL / MOL of the bottom tier.. Not so easy. But a large potentiel for heterogeneous integration. There is a very nice IEDM 2017 paper on the topic also (The impact of Sequential-3D integration on
    semiconductor scaling roadmap - A. Mallik)


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