Friday, January 05, 2018

Omnivision and Vatics Present Security Camera Platform

PRNewswire: OmniVision and Taiwan-based VATICS announce a Nyxel IR-enhanced sensor-based IP camera reference design for 5MP surveillance systems.

"Our new M5S SoC is a fully integrated SoC, combining an ARM Cortex processor core, a CEVA DSP, the SmartHEVC/AVC new generation of image signal processor, a high-performance de-warping hard core, and advanced video and audio analytics. This SoC integration allows developers to create distinctive features in their applications, including 180°/360° wide-angle professional IP cameras with advanced video analytics for surveillance scenes under low- and no-light conditions using OmniVision's OS05A20 sensor," said Joseph Wei, senior marketing director at VATICS. "The M5S' low power, high dynamic range, intelligent video and audio, plus smart H.264 and H.265 can make applications such as battery-powered home and doorbell cameras more secure, accessible and smarter, while extending battery life."

"Today's surveillance cameras often fail to capture adequate details at night, making it difficult to identify intruders. Furthermore, many systems use power-hungry LEDs to augment lighting, which not only increases power consumption but also reveals the location of hidden cameras," said Roger Yeung, product marketing manager at OmniVision. "Our new OS05A20 image sensor with Nyxel technology tackles these problems with its high sensitivity to NIR light. Since NIR photons from ambient light are more prevalent at night, the OS05A20 can capture higher-resolution images by itself, reducing the need for augmented lighting."

Vatics M550S SoC

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