Friday, January 05, 2018

Altek Unveils its Next Gen 3D Processor

Digitimes: Altek announces AL6100, a stereo 3D-depth sensing and algorithm chip solution.

Altek offered its first generation AL 3200 in 2016. The first-generation chip solution was capable of real-time 30fps depth computing, the company said. AL3200 has been adopted by many China-based smartphone vendors, with cumulative shipments exceeding 10 million units, Altek says.

AL6100, an upgraded version of AL 3200, is combined with infrared light control to improve quality of information on depth of images and depth computing. AL6100 can be used in smartphones, surveillance cameras, autonomous driving, smart-home devices, drones and cleaning robots and will come into production in Q1 2018.

Altek 2015 presentation talks about its first-gen solution:

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