Monday, January 08, 2018

ON Semi AR0430 Sensor Delivers Image and Depth Simultaneously from a Single Sensor

BusinessWire: ON Semiconductor announces a 1/3.2-inch BSI 4MP CMOS sensor delivering 120fps at full resolution. The sensor’s embedded functionality allows customers to capture a color image and simultaneous depth map from a single device; a feature that is normally only possible when using a second sensor for independent depth mapping.

Simultaneous video and depth mapping is enabled by ON Semiconductor’s Super Depth technology. Techniques in the sensor, CFA and the micro-lens create a data stream containing both image and depth data. This data is combined via an algorithm to deliver a 30 fps video stream and depth map of anything within one meter of the camera. This allows capabilities such as interpretation of hand gestures to control smart IoT devices as well as the creation of simple 3D models for AR/VR use.

The device offers low-power performance of 125mW when operating with a 4MP data stream at 30 fps; this reduces to just 8mW in low power monitoring mode - especially valuable in battery-powered applications.

What really sets it apart is simultaneous depth mapping capability,” said Gianluca Colli, VP and GM of Consumer Solution Division at ON Semiconductor. “This is unprecedented in a single-sensor solution and, along with the low power consumption, opens up a multitude of interactive IoT and AR/VR applications. Now our customers can use a single camera where two, with all the design, cost and implementation issues, would have been required in the past. We are honored to be recognized at CES 2018 for this unique technology.

The AR0430 engineering samples are available in bare die format, and will be in full production later in Q1’ 2018.


  1. Is there any technical doc or spec about the sensor?
    Does who know what kind of technique is used for depth sensing in the sensor?

  2. You can request a datasheet here:

    I may be wrong but they will probably ask you to sign an NDA first! A lot of companies do this. I could never understand why because if their technology is truly original then surely it would be protected by patents. Why then would an NDA be necessary?


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