Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sony on Image Sensor Requirements for Autonomous Driving

AutosSens 2017 publishes Sony Director of Product Marketing for Automotive Sensing, Abhay Rai, presentation on requirements to image sensors for autonomous driving. The presentation also shows Sony image sensor division acquisitions and achievements:

Update: Sony publishes a web page dedicated to its automotive image sensor features.

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  1. Although Sony is late in the automotive image sensor market, since Sony has great technology and capability, Sony probably will take over automotive image sensor market too. Dark current performance in slide 16 is truly amazing especially as these sensors are expected to heat up due to being operational for a long period of time (in contrast to back up camera). Great presentation content on slides 12, 13, 14. Funny though as it says.. "Highly confidential. Do not copy or photograph". The presenter forgot to mention "not to video". Overall F- presentation on an A+ content.


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