Wednesday, March 04, 2020

EI 2020 Paper on Smartphone Camera Resolution vs Perceived Image Quality

Electronic Imaging Symposium started publishing 2020 papers. "Studies on the effect of megapixel sensor resolution on displayed image quality and relevant metrics" by Sophie Triantaphillidou, Jan Smejkal, Edward W. S. Fry, and Chuang Hsin Hung from University of Westminster, UK and Huawei, China examines just one specific case of viewing pictures at 1.2MP desktop monitor:

"This paper investigates camera phone image quality, namely the effect of sensor megapixel (MP) resolution on the perceived quality of images displayed at full size on high-quality desktop displays. For the purpose, we use images from simulated cameras with different sensor MP resolutions. We employ methods recommended in the IEEE 1858 Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) standard, as well as other established psychophysical paradigms, to obtain subjective image quality ratings for systems with varying MP resolution from large numbers of observers."

The paper basically says that there is a little value in increasing smartphone sensor resolution beyond 1.5MP in this specific viewing case:


  1. Implication - "1.5Mp resolution is fair enough" vs. "Xiaome 100Mp REVOLUTIONAL Camera Phone!"

  2. This is rather obvious, but additional resolution becomes meaningful when cropping for zoom and then viewing under the same conditions (1.2MP monitor, of whatever size, viewed at whatever distance).


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