Saturday, March 21, 2020

Credit Suisse Compares Omnivision with Sony, Samsung, ON Semi

Credit Suisse overview of China's semiconductor industry dated by November 2019 has a part about Ominivision technology:

"CMOS Image Sensor (CIS): a credible Chinese player now

CIS is one of the very few semiconductor areas where China has a top-tier player. We think OmniVision’s (now owned by a Chinese company, Will Semiconductor) CIS technology could be 1-2 years behind Sony, but at a similar level to Samsung. In the automotive segment, OmniVision is ahead of Sony and Samsung, and only behind On Semi. Driven by the geopolitical tension, OmniVision has been taking over the mid/high-range spec smartphone segment from Samsung since mid-2019, and also growing its share in the China automotive market. OmniVision’s gap vs Sony should continue for 1-2 years as most OEMs customise CIS chips for flagship models, so it will take time for OmniVision to regain position in the premium segment.

In five years, we expect OmniVision’s technology to be slightly behind, but close to Sony, and its market share to grow from 12% in 2018 (per Gartner data) to high-teens or twenties percentage in 2023. However, in the near term, we expect existing CIS suppliers to continue expanding production capacity to cater to the growing demand.

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