Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Quantum Semiconductor Proposes SiGeC on CMOS Itergration for Imaging and LiDARs

SBIR Transition flyer on Quantum Semiconductor LLC works on SiGeC super-lattice integration in CMOS process describes the advantages of this approach:

"Product development is being planned for chip design and manufacture at a US-based BiCMOS foundry. The Gen 1 prototype sensor is a 128x128 CMOS sensor array with near single photon counting, high dynamic range, suitable for passive imaging and LIDAR, operating in Visible and NIR, with large internal gain (greater than 100K) at low voltages (less than 3.5V).

The development of Group-IV superlattice films capable of covering SWIR to 1.6µm with a coefficient of absorption comparable to that of InGaAs, is currently underway. Gen 2 sensors will incorporate Group IV superlattices into photo-diodes with large internal gain, to make large 1 MegaPixel CMOS Image Sensor arrays for near-photon counting, high dynamic range in SWIR.

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