Monday, March 16, 2020

Event-Based Sensor Data Denoising

MDPI paper "Event Density Based Denoising Method for Dynamic Vision Sensor" by Yang Feng, Hengyi Lv, Hailong Liu, Yisa Zhang, Yuyao Xiao, and Chengshan Han from Chinese Academy of Sciences discusses noise problems in event-based image sensors:

"Dynamic vision sensors are very different from traditional image sensors in terms of pixel principle and output data. Background activity (BA) in the data will affect image quality, but there is currently no unified indicator to evaluate the image quality of event streams. This paper proposes a method to eliminate background activity, and proposes a method and performance index for evaluating filter performance: noise in real (NIR) and real in noise (RIN). The lower the value, the better the filter. This evaluation method does not require fixed pattern generation equipment, and can also evaluate filter performance using natural images. Through comparative experiments of the three filters, the comprehensive performance of the method in this paper is optimal. This method reduces the bandwidth required for DVS data transmission, reduces the computational cost of target extraction, and provides the possibility for the application of DVS in more fields."

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