Monday, March 09, 2020

Inivation Launches Cheaper DVS Camera

Inivation launches the DVXplorer Lite providing the high performance of iniVation’s neuromorphic vision technology at a lower price point for education and research. It is fully compatible with DV, iniVation’s open-source SDK.

The DVXplorer Lite contains the same patented core technology as all other iniVation DVXplorer and DAVIS products, enabling seamless future upgrades without software rewrites. The key specifications of the DVXplorer Lite include:
  • QVGA resolution
  • Extremely low latency (<1 ms)
  • High dynamic range (>110 dB)
  • High output rates (up to 5k event-frames per second)
  • Built-in hardware sync for multi-camera or connection to external devices
  • High-speed USB3 interface

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