Thursday, March 05, 2020

EI 2020: Samsung ToF BSI Sensor

EI 2020 paper "A 4-tap global shutter pixel with enhanced IR sensitivity for VGA time-of-flight CMOS image sensors" by Taesub Jung, Yonghun Kwon, Sungyoung Seo, Min-Sun Keel, Changkeun Lee, Sung-Ho Choi, Sae-Young Kim, Sunghyuck Cho, Youngchan Kim, Young-Gu Jin, Moosup Lim, Hyunsurk Ryu, Yitae Kim, Joonseok Kim, and Chang-Rok Moon from Samsung, Korea presents the company's approach to 3D ToF imaging:

"An indirect time-of-flight (ToF) CMOS image sensor has been designed with 4-tap 7 µm global shutter pixel in back-side illumination process. 15000 e- of high full-well capacity (FWC) per a tap of 3.5 µm pitch and 3.6 e- of read-noise has been realized by employing true correlated double sampling (CDS) structure with storage gates (SGs). Noble characteristics such as 86 % of demodulation contrast (DC) at 100MHz operation, 37 % of higher quantum efficiency (QE) and lower parasitic light sensitivity (PLS) at 940 nm have been achieved. As a result, the proposed ToF sensor shows depth noise less than 0.3 % with 940 nm illuminator in even long distance."

Update: Possibly, the paper talks about DepthVision camera used in Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone shown in Samsung video:

Update #2: According to Techinsights teardown analysis, the depth sensor in Galaxy S10 Ultra 5G is made by Sony.


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