Tuesday, March 10, 2020

New Imaging Book

It was brought to my attention there is a new book "Optical Imaging and Photography: Introduction to Science and Technology of Optics, Sensors and Systems" by Ulrich Teubner and Hans Brückner from Hochschule Emden/Leer - University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Ulrich Teubner, one of the authors, writes in an email to me: "...the sensor part covers a large fraction of the book. It reviews all the sensors and related technology relevant for imaging, in particular, for photography.

Moreover, the book shows the strong relations between the optics and the sensor. This is really important, as an independent view on sensor system and optical system is not sufficient for a good camera performance (see also the article "Pixels for Geeks: A peek inside Nikon’s super-secret sensor design lab" in your blog).

Furthermore, after talking with people at Zeiss, I became aware that this statement is even more relevant than I thought before. Mostly sensor people do not know much about optics and optics community does not have much knowledge on sensors. This book fills the gap (the only other book which at least linked both parts together at some extend, is that edited by Nakamura).

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