Monday, March 02, 2020

Jim Janesick-designed Imager Aboard the Parker Solar Probe Selected as an Edison Award Finalist

GlobeNewswire: SRI International announces that they were recognized as an Edison Award finalist in the Aerospace Innovation category for their contributions to NASA’s Solar Probe Plus Mission.

The CMOS Imager used in the Parker Solar Probe was designed by Jim Janesick of SRI, a leading expert in CCD and CMOS development. The technology was conceptualized with extraterrestrial applications in mind and was supported by the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). SRI and the NRL collaborated to create a 2k x 2k Imager that could withstand the radiation emitted by the sun, which was then selected by NASA for inclusion on the Parker Solar Probe mission, among others, where it will capture the closest images of the sun.

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