Friday, April 17, 2020

Bosch and Sony Security Camera Partnership Ends

SecurityInfoWatch: Less than 4 years after establishing, Bosch and Sony security partnership ends. Danielle VanZandt, industry analyst for security at research firm Frost & Sullivan, says:

While Bosch found ways to keep itself relevant during the rapid rise of Hikvision, Dahua, and Axis Communications by keeping its cameras priced well, feature-rich, and improving image quality, Sony did not appear to follow the same trajectory. Rather, Sony focused more on image quality only and did not seem to consider analytics inclusion or other features that other camera manufacturers moved to include as a new standard. As such, when customers looked between the two brands (even if it was coming from the same sales force), Bosch cameras would win out due to these additional features and sometimes replace Sony cameras within existing deployments.

This is quite a strange statement, considering that at the time of the partnership establishment, the companies' joint PR stated:

"Within the scope of the partnership, Sony will bring its leading expertise in video image quality and performance, while Bosch will add an extensive set of robust video analytics at the edge to interpret data as well as innovative technologies to achieve highly efficient bitrates and minimum storage requirements. "This partnership will revolutionize the video security industry since it combines the unique technological expertise and strengths of two leading companies in the field of video security applications. Customers can prosper from Sony's superior image quality, like its 4K solutions, combined with Bosch's bitrate management and video analytics," says Toru Katsumoto, Deputy President of Imaging Products and Solutions, Sector President of Professional Products Group, Sony Corporation."

SecurityToday reports that Sony exits the branded security camera business.

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