Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Omnivision CameraCubeChip Reverse Engineering

SystemPlus Consulting publishes a reverse engineering report of OVM6948 CameraCubeChip:

"The smallest camera in the world, it is a Video Graphics Array (VGA) camera module. It integrates a Wafer-Level Packaged (WLP) OmniVision CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) and a small Wafer-Level Optic (WLO) manufactured by VisEra. The entire camera module is provided in a 0.65mm x 0.65mm x 1.2mm 4-pin package including a 0.58mm x 0.58mm CIS die. The CIS die is packaged by Xintec’s new WLP technology for CIS. The bumps on the backside are connected with Through Silicon Vias (TSVs). A complex stacking of eight optical layers in 1mm is necessary to provide the wide 120 degree field of view and an extended focus range of 3mm to 30mm. Moreover, the OMV6948 is a fully wafer bonded solution.

The endoscopy market was worth $6B in 2019, with reusable flexible endoscopy being the major market, worth more than $4B. However the new standard for small diameter endoscopes, specifically bron-choscopes and urethroscopes, is now becoming disposable flexible endoscopes. Omnivision is one of the leaders in providing very small camera modules aiming at supplying this new, developing market.

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