Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Omnivision on Eye-Tracking Automotive Cameras

EETimes publishes an article "Advancing Autonomous Vehicles Is All in the Eyes" by Mathew Arcoleo, Omnivision's Staff Product Marketing Manager. The company believes that eye and gaze tracking becomes an essential part of modern vehicle's driver monitoring system (DMS):

The first question that needs to be answered in creating an eye-tracking system is, what ASIL rating is needed to meet current and future requirements? For eye tracking, a sensor’s application may include more safety-critical functions in the future, so it’s likely to require a higher ASIL certification. We at Omnivision think ASIL B/C is the ideal rating for DMSes, because these systems are used both for autonomous driving and as a safety feature.

Specifically, the following DMS safety goals must be met:

  • The device shall not mirror the whole image or parts of the image in the horizontal or vertical direction.
  • The device shall not transfer images with the incorrect size in terms of rows and columns.
  • The device shall not send any data that is unprotected by a cyclical redundancy check (CRC) that includes the appropriate hamming distance.

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