Saturday, April 04, 2020

Ibeo 4D LiDAR Looks Similar to Apple iPad Pro

Ibeo presented its 4D solid-state LiDAR at EPIC World Photonics Technology Summit in San Francisco on Feb 3, 2020. It looks quite similar to the one inside Apple iPad Pro 2020, other than a much longer range of Ibeo LiDAR:

iPad Pro 2020 LiDAR:

Ibeo LiDAR:


  1. Isn't this comparison like comparing a smartphone video camera to a studio broadcast camera?
    The approach might be similar but the budget and scale are completely different. Smartphone vs automotive.

    1. I agree. Ibeo's solution is geared towards outdoor medium-to-long range automotive apps, while the other is a short-range indoor phone/pad app. They look similar if you just look at the projectoon of light, etc, but the hardware and the underlying mechanisms/physics are different.


    2. There are some similarities though:
      - Both use SPADs, apparently
      - Both approaches are scanning
      - Both scan sparse patterns
      - Both claim to work outdoors

      Obviously, they are built for different purposes. Thus, their power, size, price, resolution, range, etc. are different.

    3. I am not sure if Apple's solution uses SPAD. Any references will give more insights. Ibeo is not really scanning - it is a sequential flash and there are as many emitters as the number of depth points one wants (no moving scanner). It is not affordable to put so many emitters in a pad/phone.


    4. Apple says its LiDAR is (a) scanner and (b) dToF. dToF is usually implemented with SPADs or APDs.

      Techinsights iPad LiDAR teardown shows an array of VCSELs right above the imager. It seems to have 4 horizontal lines of emitters.

      As for scanning or sequential flash, it's mostly a choice of words of their respective marketing departments.

  2. OK. Thanks for the info - so it is a direct one. Still amazed that they could put an emitter array chip in a pad.

  3. I don't know how long their emitter lines are. But four lines of emitters is not a big deal. I guess their VCSEL array is below 2 USD.
    If the image with that cat is real Apple's angular resolution is rather coarse compared to the Ibeo 10k points.


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