Friday, April 24, 2020

CIS Packaging Houses Anticipate Higher Demand: Tong Hsing, ATII

Digitimes: CIS packaging house Tong Hsing expands its wafer reconstruction capacity to support production of high-megapixel sensors for multi-lens cameras massively adopted by Chinese handset vendors for their new models.

While the handset sales in the China market may drop in 2020, the growing adoption of multi-lens camera modules and the upgrades in CIS resolution and chip sizes will contribute positively to the firm's CIS packaging business.

Tong Hsing has acquired Kingpak dedicated to BGA packaging for automotive CIS devices, seeking to form a heavyweight team to better serve global CIS makers. The world's top 5-6 CIS suppliers in Japan, South Korea, the US and Europe are expected to become clients of the expanded Tong Hsing.

Digitimes: Asia Tech Image (ATII) will expand monthly capacity at its factory in Myanmar from the curent 1.1M contact image sensors modules to 1.3M units by the end of 2020. As remote learning and working is on the rise due to the coronavirus pandemic, demand for contact image sensor modules for scanners and printers has grown significantly, according to company president Iris Wu.

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