Thursday, April 30, 2020

SK Hynix on Smart Eye Sensor

SK Hynix publishes an article "“Smart Eye”, A Computer Inside Our Eyes."

"The story we are going to tell you now is about “Smart Eye”, something we might see in the future, thanks to the development of semiconductor technology.

...the current CIS technology has not reached the level of human eyes in terms of major features such as resolution, three-dimensionality, and sensitivity. While the resolution of human eyes is 576 megapixels (MP), the highest resolution CIS can currently realize is only 108Mp. When brightness of surrounding environment changes in a sudden, CIS is also likely to suffer from latency accepting visual information.

Ho-young Cho, Technical Leader (TL) at CIS Marketing Strategy of SK hynix said, “While human eyes’ main purpose is to recognize rather than display the collected visual information, CIS is designed for securing visual information for output. If CIS can recognize at the same level as human eyes do in the future, it will also function as a displaying device that outputs the collected information.”

Cho continued, “Unlike human eyes, CIS is designed as individual modules for various purposes. As a result, CIS is detachable, and users can equip different CIS depending on various situations. Such flexibility will make our daily lives more convenient with no doubt.”

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