Wednesday, April 01, 2020

International SPAD Sensor Workshop Goes Virtual

Due to coronavirus pandemy, International SPAD Sensor Workshop 2020 (ISSW2020) will be run as a virtual conference on June 8-9 this year. The agenda is tightly packed with excellent presentations:

  • Charge-Focusing SPAD Image Sensors for Low Light Imaging Applications
    Kazuhiro Morimoto, Canon
  • Custom silicon technologies for high detection efficiency SPAD arrays
    Angelo Gulinatti, Politecnico di Milano
  • LFoundry: SPAD, status and perspective
    Giovanni Margutti, Lfoundry
  • Device and method for a precise breakdown voltage detection of APD/SPAD in a dark environment
    Alexander Zimmer, XFAB
  • Ge on Si SPADs for LIDAR and Quantum Technology Applications
    Douglas Paul, University of Glasgow
  • 3D-Stacked SPAD in 40/45nm BSI Technology
    Georg Rohrer, AMS
  • BSI SPAD arrays based on wafer bond technology
    Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer
  • Planar Microlenses for SPAD sensors
    Norbert Moussy, CEA-LETI
  • 3D Integrated Frontside Illuminated Photon-to-Digital Converters: Status and Applications
    Jean-Francois Pratte, University of Sherbrooke
  • Combining linear and SPAD-mode diode operation in pixel for wide dynamic range CMOS optical sensing
    Matthew Johnston, Oregon State University
  • ToF Image Sensor Systems using SPADs and Photodiodes Simon Kennedy, Monash University
  • A 1.1 mega-pixels vertical avalanche photodiode (VAPD) CMOS image sensor for a long range time-of-flight (TOF) system
    Yukata Hirose, Panasonic
  • Single photon detector for space active debris removal and exploration
    Alexandre Pollini, CSEM
  • 4D solid state LIDAR – NEXT Generation NOW
    Unsal Kabuk, IBEO
  • Depth and Intensity LiDAR imaging with Pandion SPAD array
    Salvatore Gnecchi, OnSemi
  • LIDAR using SPADs in the visible and short-wave infrared
    Gerald Buller, Heriot-Watt University
  • InP-based SPADs for Automotive Lidar
    Mark Itzler, Argo AI
  • Custom Focal Plane Arrays of SWIR SPADs
    Erik Duerr, MIT Lincoln Labs
  • CMOS SPAD Sensors with Embedded Smartness
    Angel Rodriguez-Vasquez, University of Seville
  • Modelling TDC Circuit Perfromance for SPAD Sensor Arrays
    Daniel van Blerkom, Ametek (Forza)
  • Data processing of SPAD sensors for high quality imaging
    Chao Zhang, Adaps Photonics
  • Scalable, Multi-functional CMOS SPAD arrays for Scientific Imaging
    Leonardo Gasparini, FBK
  • Small and Smart SPAD Pixels
    Edoardo Charbon, EPFL
  • High-resolution imaging of the spatio-temporal dynamics of protein interactions via fluorescence lifetime imaging with SPAD arrays
    Simon Ameer-Beg, King's College
  • Image scanning microscopy with classical and quantum correlation contrasts
    Ron Tenne, Weizmann Institute
  • Imaging oxygenation by near-infrared optical tomography based on SPAD image sensors
    Martin Wolf, ETH Zurich
  • Raman spectroscopy utilizing a time resolving CMOS SPAD line sensor with a pulsed laser excitation
    Ilkka Nissinen, University of Oulu
  • Optical wireless communication with SPAD receivers
    Hiwa Mahmoudi, TU Wien
  • SPAD Arrays for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
    Andreas Velten, University of Wisconsin

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