Saturday, April 18, 2020

Sony Unveils Two 1080p Sensors for Security Applications

Sony adds two 1080p sensors to its lineup for security applications - IMX482 with 5.8um pixels and IMX462 with 2.9um pixels:


  1. IMX482 with 5.8um pixel is a Quad Bayer pixel color filter, composed of 2.9um sub pixels. Appears to be fixed binning readout mode for 1080p resolution, not designed for higher resolution output than 1080p non-binned probably due to 2 lane CSI MIPI interface at 90 FPS.
    Might be an interesting application for dashcams as well as intended security applications where sensitivity and noise matters more than pixel count since higher pixel count typically means worse performance in terms of light sensitivity and other params.
    I wonder how Quad Bayer would compare to normal Bayer with a 5.8um pixel using the same node technology and readout chain, etc for a fair comparison. Is binning that much better in SNR compared to straight up higher sensitivity and full well in a larger pixel?

  2. Any idea of SNR1s sensitivity value for IMX482 ?

  3. Can it produce long and short exposure frames at the same time for HDR?

  4. SNR1 will be 0,07 !!!


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