Friday, October 02, 2020

2020 International SPAD Sensor Workshop Papers

2020 International SPAD Sensor Workshop (ISSW) papers are just published at the International Image Sensor Society web site. The workshop has been held on-line in June 2020. The list of papers is below:

  1. Charge-Focusing SPAD Image Sensors for Low Light Imaging Applications
    Kazuhiro Morimoto, Canon
  2. Custom silicon technologies for high detection efficiency SPAD arrays
    Angelo Gulinatti, Politecnico di Milano
  3. LFoundry: SPAD, status and perspective
    Giovanni Margutti, LFoundry
  4. Device and method for a precise breakdown voltage detection of APD/SPAD in a dark environment
    Alexander Zimmer, XFAB
  5. Ge on Si SPADs for LIDAR and Quantum Technology Applications
    Douglas Paul, University of Glasgow
  6. Timing is Everything
    Richard Walker, Photon Force
  7. The Great Wavelength Debate: Which Will Prevail for Automotive LIDAR?
    Bahman Hadji, OnSemiconductor
  8. 3D-Stacked SPAD in 40/45nm BSI Technology
    Georg Rohrer, AMS
  9. BSI SPAD arrays based on wafer bond technology
    Werner Brockherde, Fraunhofer
  10. Planar Microlenses for SPAD sensors
    Norbert Moussy, CEA-LETI
  11. 3D Integrated Frontside Illuminated Photon-to-Digital Converters: Status and Applications
    Jean-Francois Pratte, University of Sherbrooke
  12. Combining linear and SPAD-mode diode operation in pixel for wide dynamic range CMOS optical sensing
    Matthew Johnston, Oregon State University
  13. ToF Image Sensor Systems using SPADs and Photodiodes
    Simon Kennedy, Monash University
  14. A 1.1 mega-pixels vertical avalanche photodiode (VAPD) CMOS image sensor for a long range time-of-flight (TOF) system
    Yukata Hirose, Panasonic
  15. Single photon detector for space active debris removal and exploration
    Alexandre Pollini, CSEM
  16. 4D solid state LIDAR – NEXT Generation NOW
    Unsal Kabuk, IBEO
  17. Depth and Intensity LiDAR imaging with Pandion SPAD array
    Salvatore Gnecchi, OnSemi
  18. 256 x 16 SPAD Array and 16-Channel Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Driver for Automotive LIDAR
    André Srowig, ELMOS
  19. SPAD Sensors: technologies and applications
    Sara Pellegrini, STMicroelectronics
  20. From device to systems: 3D sensing solutions at AMS
    David Stoppa, AMS
  21. Next-generation technologies to enable high-performance, low-cost lidar
    Hod Finkelstein, Sense Photonics
  22. LIDAR using SPADs in the visible and short-wave infrared
    Gerald Buller, Heriot-Watt University
  23. InP-based SPADs for Automotive Lidar
    Mark Itzler, Argo AI
  24. Custom Focal Plane Arrays of SWIR SPADs
    Erik Duerr, MIT Lincoln Labs
  25. CMOS SPAD Sensors with Embedded Smartness
    Ion Vornicu, University of Seville
  26. Modelling TDC Circuit Perfromance for SPAD Sensor Arrays
    Daniel van Blerkom, Ametek (Forza)
  27. Data processing of SPAD sensors for high quality imaging
    Chao Zhang, Adaps Photonics
  28. Scalable, Multi-functional CMOS SPAD arrays for Scientific Imaging
    Leonardo Gasparini, FBK
  29. Small and Smart SPAD Pixels
    Edoardo Charbon, EPFL
  30. High-resolution imaging of the spatio-temporal dynamics of protein interactions via fluorescence lifetime imaging with SPAD arrays
    Simon Ameer-Beg, King's College
  31. Image scanning microscopy with classical and quantum correlation contrasts
    Ron Tenne, Weizmann Institute
  32. SPAD Arrays for Brain-Computer Interface Applications
    Francesco Marsili, Facebook
  33. Introduction to Huawei’s Mission and Technology Visions
    Young, Yang Guang, Huawei
  34. Imaging oxygenation by near-infrared optical tomography based on SPAD image sensors
    Martin Wolf, ETH Zurich
  35. Raman spectroscopy utilizing a time resolving CMOS SPAD line sensor with a pulsed laser excitation
    Ilkka Nissinen, University of Oulu
  36. Optical wireless communication with SPAD receivers
    Horst Zimmermann, TU Wien
  37. SPAD Arrays for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging
    Andreas Velten, University of Wisconsin

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