Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Ouster Takes Apple iPad LiDAR Concept to Extreme

BusinessWire: Ouster announces a solid-state lidar based on its digital lidar architecture. The new ES2  will be the company's first solid-state, high-resolution, long-range digital lidar. With a $600 expected price for automotive production programs with SOP 2024 and a 200+ meter range on 10% reflective targets, the ES2 is aimed to ADAS and industrial applications.

"The ES2 sensor uses “electronic scanning” to sequentially fire an array of over ten thousand lasers printed onto a single chip. These lasers are paired with a custom digital detector array capable of counting trillions of individual photons every second. 

These laser and detector arrays are the same core technology used in Ouster’s OS series spinning lidar sensors, as well as numerous consumer devices such as the iPhone and iPad Pro. With tens of thousands of lasers on the chip, each fixed on a different point in the field of view, no moving parts are required to reach the range, field of view, and resolution targets of high-performance autonomy customers."

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  1. This looks like big news for the autonomous technology roadmap. Moore’s law now in play for this sector?


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