Sunday, October 25, 2020

poLight AF Reverse Engineering

SystemPlus publishes a reverse engineering report of poLight AF lens:

"This is a radical technology shift in the camera module world, thanks to the exceedingly small volume of the autofocus. It measures only 8.4mm3, and with a thickness of 0.45mm can be easily integrated in small systems like drones, smartphones, smart watches, etc. We discovered this autofocus in Xiaomi’s latest smartwatch for kids: the Mitu 4 Pro.

The assembly of this autofocus on an 8Mpixels camera module is detailed in our study. Thanks to the PZT, it is faster than the traditional electromechanical autofocus, allowing for almost instantaneous autofocus autofocus adjustment. And with no mechanical parts aside from the membrane, the MEMS autofocus seems more robust than mechanical systems, which is vital in products for children.

The piezoelectric membrane is manufactured by STMicroelectronics, which specifically developed PZT technology to add to its MEMS technology portfolio. Another specific MEMS process is the transducer, which is manufactured on glass membranes etched by micromachining – another specialty of STMicroelectronics.

The secret of this first MEMS autofocus is not only in the piezoelectric material. The design, manufacturing, and characteristics of the polymer used for the lens were developed and patented by poLight, and these things are key for the functionality of the autofocus component."

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  1. Hi.

    Seems like poLight is gaining traction, and getting closer to anoter BIG Design win!

    This is from poLight's website: packaged Tlens

    This is from the patent:
    Not sure the link works, but check in the patent itself, picture 10-14:

    This explains the narrowing in front of the module:
    The third area 630 may include a portion whose width becomes narrower toward the outside. In this embodiment, the top surface of the third area 630 of the second connection terminal 600 may be disposed on the same plane as the top surface of the second area 620. That is, the third region 630 and the second region 620 of the second connection terminal 600 may be part of a flat plate.

    Explanation that this can be used under the screen
    The optical device may include a body. The body may form the appearance of an optical device. The main body can accommodate a camera device. A display unit may be disposed on one surface of the main body. For example, a display unit and a camera device may be disposed on one surface of the main body, and a camera device may be additionally disposed on the other surface of the main body (a surface located on the opposite side of the main body). .

    And finally what this module can be used for:
    Optical devices include cell phones, mobile phones, smart phones, portable smart devices, digital cameras, laptop computers, digital broadcasting terminals, PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), PMPs (Portable Multimedia Players), and navigation. Can be However, the type of optical device is not limited thereto, and any device for photographing an image or photograph may be included in the optical device.

    With this, everything is ready for add-in small-nose with Tlens!
    Since LG Innotek is the main supplier to Apple, this is very interesting! Of course they deliver to many others as well, so this can be incredibly good!


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