Saturday, October 03, 2020

Samsung Presents 1.3MP Event-Driven Sensor with 4.95um Pixels

Samsung presents "A 1280×960 Dynamic Vision Sensor with a 4.95-μm Pixel Pitch and Motion Artifact Minimization" by Yunjae Suh, Seungnam Choi, Masamichi Ito, Jeongseok Kim, Youngho Lee, Jongseok Seo, Heejae Jung, Dong-Hee Yeo, Seol Namgung, Jongwoo Bong, Sehoon Yoo, Seung-Hun Shin, Doowon Kwon, Pilkyu Kang, Seokho Kim, Hoonjoo Na, Kihyun Hwang, Changwoo Shin, Jun-Seok Kim, Paul K. J. Park, Joonseok Kim, Hyunsurk Ryu, and Yongin Park  at the 2020 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) to be held virtually on October 10-21.

"This paper reports a 1280×960 DVS. A 4.95-μm pixel pitch is achieved with in-pixel Cu-Cu connection and the newly designed GIDL-suppression scheme. A sequential column selection scheme and a global event-holding function are implemented to minimize motion artifacts. The power consumption per pixel of 122 nW is 1.25× smaller and the maximum readout speed of 1.3 Geps is 4.33× faster than the previous state-of-the-art."

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  1. Are there any related news articles about this sensor's market launch?


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