Thursday, October 01, 2020

FBK Low Power VGA Vision Sensor

FBK publishes an IEEE JSSC paper "A Low-Power VGA Vision Sensor With Embedded Event Detection for Outdoor Edge Applications" by Yu Zou, Massimo Gottardi, Michela Lecca, and Matteo Perenzoni. The paper is available for download here.

"We report on a low-power VGA vision sensor embedding event-detection capabilities targeted to battery-powered vision processing at the edge. The sensor relies on an always-on double-threshold dynamic background subtraction (DT-DBS) algorithm. The resulting motion bitmap is de-noised, projected along xy-axes of the array of pixels and filtered to robustly detect moving targets even in noisy outdoor scenarios. The chip operates in motion detection (MD), applied on a QQVGA sub-sampled image, looking for anomalous motion in the scene at 344 μW, and in imaging mode (IM), delivering full-resolution gray-scale images with associated local binary pattern (LBP) coding and motion bitmaps at 8 frames/s and 1.35 mW. The 4-μm pixel vision sensor is manufactured in a 110-nm 1P4M CMOS and occupies 25.4 mm²."

The project page with demo videos is avaliable here. Thanks to MG for the link!

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