Friday, October 09, 2020

LiDAR News: Robosense, Velodyne, Luminar, LeddarTech, ADI, Blickfeld

 BusinessWire: Velodyne and RoboSense (Suteng Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) have entered a long‑term global cross-licensing relationship encompassing a broad range of 360° surround-view lidar sensors. It covers both existing and future patents of both companies. Velodyne and RoboSense have also agreed to dismiss all the current legal proceedings in the U.S and China that exist between the two companies.

Yahoo: Ford owns 7.6% of Velodyne. Velodyne announced inaugural trading at NADAQ on Sept. 30:

Luminar's recent investor presentation shows the company's advances:

Digitimes reports that LeddarTech "sees strong prospects for flash LiDAR, according to Clive Szeto, general manager for LeddarTech Asia.

For flash LiDAR modules used in low-speed vehicles, demand in the China market is taking off, Szeto said. For example, large e-commerce operators Alibaba and have already set up fleets of autonomous logistics/delivery vehicles to replace manned vehicles."

Analog Devices presents its LiDAR prototyping platform:

M14 Intelligence publishes an interview with Florian Petit, Co-Founder of Blickfeld. Few quotes:

Our technology offers various distinctive features:

  • Our patented MEMS mirrors have dimensions of more than 10 millimeters diameter, capable of detecting even weakly reflecting objects at a distance of more than 180 meters
  • Our coaxial setup minimizes background light and produces a remarkably high signal-to-noise ratio, which benefits the range
  • The product Cube offers a wide FOV of the car giving 360-degree coverage with 4 to 6 Cubes
  • The long detection range of 250 meters 
  • They are compact in size and low in energy consumption, consuming each below 10 W typically and about 15 W max
  • They are long-range, feature a wide FOV, and a high frame rate, and produce high definition point clouds

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