Friday, October 23, 2020

Nanorod-based CMY CFA paper "A new CMY camera technology using Al-TiO2-Al nanorod filter mosaic integrated on a CMOS image sensor" by Xin He, Y. Liu, P. Beckett, H. Uddin, A. Nirmalathas, and R. R. Unnithan from e University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and  Australian National Fabrication Facility proposes to revive complementary color CFAs:

"A CMY colour camera differs from its RGB counterpart in that it employs a subtractive colour space of cyan, magenta and yellow. CMY cameras tend to performs better than RGB cameras in low light conditions due to their much higher transmittance. However, conventional CMY colour filter technology made of pigments and dyes are limited in performance for the next generation image sensors with submicron pixel sizes. These conventional filters are difficult to fabricate at nanoscale dimensions as they use their absorption properties to subtract colours. This paper presents a CMOS compatible nanoscale thick CMY colour mosaic made of Al-TiO2-Al nanorods forming an array 0.82 million colour pixels of 4.4 micron each, arranged in a CMYM pattern. The colour mosaic was then integrated onto a MT9P031 monochrome image sensor to make a CMY camera and the colour imaging demonstrated using a 12 colour Macbeth chart. The developed technology will have applications in astronomy, low exposure time imaging in biology and photography."

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