Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Canon Announces Several Sensors

Canon, Canon: Canon announces two 35mm full-frame CMOS sensors based on the NIR sensitivity improved 19um pixel - the LI3030SAM (monochrome) and LI3030SAI (color/near-NIR)—which feature 3x and 2.3x enhanced NIR sensitivity respectively (at 800nm) compared to the predecessor products.

The LI3030SAM is said to be capable of monochrome video capture in low-light environments with as little as 0.0005 lux of illumination.

Apparently, the same sensors have been presented as in-development projects a couple of months ago.

Canon: Another announcement is 250MP 5fps APS-H sensors with 1.5um pixel, the LI8020SAC (color) and LI8020SAM (monochrome). They look fairly similar to a sensor first unveiled 5 years ago and re-announced several times since then.

Canon: Another sensor is 2.12MP LI7050SAC for security cameras "featuring a pixel pitch of 4.1 μm and a resolution of approximately 2.12 million pixels, the sensor provides a High Dynamic Range (HDR) of equivalent to up to 20 stops with frame rates of 30fps and 60fps. What’s more, the sensor features a 54,000 green sensitivity level and can read 1936 × 1096 pixels, which is slightly higher than HD resolution." That one appears to be announced for the fist time.

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