Tuesday, December 29, 2020

2020 Acquisitions & IPOs

As 2020 nears its end, there was a number of image sensor companies acquisitions:

  1. Smartsens acquired Allchip (automotive image sensors)
  2. Nordson acquired vivaMOS (X-Ray sensors)
  3. GE Health acquired Prismatic Sensors (X-Ray sensors)
  4. Goodix acquired Dreamchip (digital design services team)
  5. TE Connectivity acquired First Sensor (SPADs, APDs, InGaAs, and p-i-n photodiodes)
  6. LeddarTech acquired VayaVision (sensor fusion and perception software for LiDARs)
  7. Allegro acquired Voxtel (LiDARs)
  8. Seegrid acquired Box Robotics (LiDARs)
  9. ams acquires Osram (adds laser and LED products to complete 3D sensing portfolio)
  10. Nuvoton acquired Panasonic semiconductor business (including image sensor and stake in TPSCo fab)
  11. Jenoptik acquired Trioptics (camera module test and measurement equipment)
  12. Sony acquired Insightness (event-driven sensors)
  13. Celepixel was acquired by Will Semiconductor (event-driven sensors)
There was a number of IPO announcements, although not all of the deals are closed till the end of the year:
  1. Galaxycore (mobile sensors)
  2. Velodyne (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  3. Luminar (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  4. Aeva (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  5. Innoviz (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)
  6. Ouster (LiDAR, merger with SPAC)


  1. Vladimir, thanks for this nice overview.
    And I would like to take this opportunity to say a BIG THANK YOU for maintaining this great blog. It is a great source of information to our community. No registrations, no fees, no advertisements, no SPAM. I think that this is a unique initiative. Your efforts are very much appreciated by the solid-state imaging community.
    Albert, president of Internation Image Sensor Society.

    1. Thank you, Albert. Indeed, the industry dynamics is getting faster now and more news are generated every day. Hope it would continue this way in 2021!

    2. Hi Vladimir, there is little i can add to the post of Albert, also a big thank you for your effort to collect and filter all the news from the image sensor world. The first thing i do every morning after booting my pc is reading the latest posts on your blog ;-) all the best for 2021

    3. You still can improve : don't switch off your PC at night and then really the very first thing you do in the morning is checking this great blog ;-)

    4. Or on the phone after switching off the alarm clock? Well... the truth is - imagesensorsworld is only my #3 ;-) the very first thing is to go for a run, then a coffee and then imagesensorsworld. Happy 2021 to the image sensors community! May it be a happy, healthy, successful year for all of you! I'm sure that technically, we have exciting times ahead of us.

  2. AND...Teledyne buys FLIR. More "sensing" than "imaging", but broadly a part of the industry, and bits of Dalsa are still floating around in there. https://www-bloomberg-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2021-01-04/teledyne-to-buy-flir-systems-for-8-billion-augmenting-sensors

    1. This is going to be the biggest imaging acquisition of 2021, most probably.


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