Sunday, December 13, 2020

Tutorial on Gesture Recognition with 3D Integral Imaging

OSA Advances in Optics and Photonics publishes a tutorial paper "Fundamentals of automated human gesture recognition using 3D integral imaging: a tutorial" by Bahram Javidi, Filiberto Pla, José M. Sotoca, Xin Shen, Pedro Latorre-Carmona, Manuel Martínez-Corral, Rubén Fernández-Beltrán, and Gokul Krishnan from University of Connecticut (USA), Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (USA), Institute of New Imaging Technologies(Spain), University of Burgos (Spain), University of Valencia (Spain).

"This tutorial presents an overview of the fundamental components and basics of the current 3D optical image acquisition technologies for gesture recognition, including the most promising algorithms. Experimental results illustrate some examples of 3D integral imaging, which are compared to conventional 2D optical imaging. Examples of classifying human gestures under normal and degraded conditions, such as low illumination and the presence of partial occlusions, are provided. This tutorial is aimed at an audience who may or may not be familiar with gesture recognition approaches, current 3D optical image acquisition techniques, and classification algorithms and methodologies applied to human gesture recognition."

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