Wednesday, December 02, 2020

GPixel Expands 2.5um GS Family with 18MP Sensor

Gpixel expands the C-Mount GMAX product family with the GMAX2518, a 1” format Global Shutter CMOS sensor for industrial applications. The sensor is designed around the proven 2.5 µm charge domain global shutter pixel, provides 4508(H) x 4096(V) resolution (18 MP), and supports up to 64fps with 12bit output and 150fps with 10bit output.

The 2.5 um pixel achieves a FWC of 8k e-, read noise less than 2 e- and maximum DR of 66dB. The sensor provides a peak QE of 65%, a PLS of -80dB.

With an outer dimension of 20.8 mm x 19.5 mm, GMAX2518’s 226-pin LGA ceramic package is designed to fit easily into a standard 29 mm x 29 mm camera housing.

We are excited to offer customers another sensor in this very popular 2.5um-pixel family, now
supporting 4 unique cameras from only 1 hardware design. The expansion of Gpixel’s line up of C-mount compatible global shutter sensors empowers our customers to develop a broad portfolio of high performance cameras in the most resource efficient and cost effective way possible. This product is part of our fast growing GMAX product family, which we will continue to expand in the near future to help our customers make the most of their investment in Gpixel,
” says Wim Wuyts, CCO of Gpixel.

GMAX2518 engineering samples can be ordered now for delivery in December 2020.

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