Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Tower and OPIX Present VGA iToF Sensor with 5um Stacked BSI Pixels

GlobeNewswireTower and China-based OPIX announce a successful development of pulsed iToF technology platform for 3D imaging and face recognition, based on Tower’s pixel level wafer stacking BSI technology.

Utilizing TOWER’s 65nm pixel-level stacked BSI CIS technology and fabricated in its Uozu, Japan facility the sensor is said to be the first in a series of iToF products.

The sensor that is currently being prototyped to customers features a 5µm 3-tap iToF pixel and resolution of 640×480 pixels. The BSI technology improves its NIR sensitivity.  In addition, the wafer stacking enables very high modulation frequencies of up to 165 MHz and 30 depth fps.

The sensor is said to have industry-leading depth accuracy at short, mid and long-range distances even in challenging ambient light conditions by using pulse modulation iToF technique. Advanced features include multiple acquisition modes, depth with single and dual frequency, low-power standby modes and MIPI CSI-2 interface.

The sensor is said to be a cost effective all-in solution for various 3D imaging applications, especially for the mobile market.

At Opix, we worked hard during the past 18 months in order to make this development successful. 3D imaging becomes ubiquitous in all imaging markets nowadays and as a CEO I am very proud to see us competing already on spec level with known solutions of tech giants,” said Xinyang Wang, CEO at Opix.  “With our 100% focus and dedication to 3D imaging and support of our partners, we have a strong belief we can play an important role in the coming years to serve the market with innovative solutions for the emerging 3D imaging market.”   

We are very excited about our collaboration with the Opix team of experts who helped  bring to the market this new, world-class iToF technology,” said Avi Strum, SVP and GM of the Sensors and Displays Business Unit, Tower Semiconductor. “This highly advanced technology comprehensively meets the challenging requirements and specifications of a small sized iToF imager and demonstrates our notable capabilities and fervent commitment to provide our customers with market-leading imaging solutions.

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