Wednesday, December 09, 2020

LeiShen Explains Low Cost of its LiDAR

LeiShen compares its mechanical rotating LiDAR with similar models from Velodyne and Robosense:

"You can see different design of our devices and Velodyne and Robosense. We developed our own chip and you can see our laser receiver and sender are in only two PCB board.

So there are 16 receivers in one PCB board and 16 pcs of sender in another board. Only two PCB board to make on Lidar sensor. (Much innovated than before.) So our internal design are much better than our competitors. And we have no patent issue in this as well.

The design of our competitors is that they have 16 sender of PCB board and 16 receivers PCB boards. So they need to keep them in same level with glue. (they have 32 PCB board to make only one 16 layers lidar sensor.) High cost and complicated. But performance are the same.

So our solution will be the future trend. Our competitors, With glue to hold the components, when LiDAR sensor works for a long time the glue will broken and then the devices will broken as well.

And also from another aspects, you can see that they will spend more time to produce one device. Their production and assembly time is much longer."

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