Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Credit Suisse on Smartphone Camera Market

IFNews quotes Credit Suisse market report saying that "nearly all 5G smartphones hitting the market continue to feature at least 3 cameras. However, the ratio of quad-camera models has declined (from 62% in Apr–Jun 2020 to 45% in Jul–Sep 2020), while the ratio of triple-camera models has risen (from 38% to 50%). This is because shipments of mid-market smartphones increased. Quad-cam products continue to account for a high proportion of sales in the premium segment (USD800 models and above). In addition, the quad-cam ratio is still rising for 4G and earlier generation smartphones."

Credit Suisse estimates that CIS production capacity increased by about 14.5% YoY in 2020 and expects it to rise by another 12% in 2021.

According to Pingan Securities, smartphones in 2019 had 3.1 cameras on average, and this number is forecasted to increase to 4.3 in 2021. The market size of mobile phone CIS in 2019 was $13.6B, and is expected to reach $21.8B in 2022 at YoY growth rate of 17%.

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