Friday, December 18, 2020

Image Sensors at 2021 Electronic Imaging Conference: 0.7-0.8um Pixels, Under-Display Cameras, More...

EI 2021 will be held on-line and span over two weeks from January 18 to 28. The Image Sensors and Systems track features 10 image sensor papers, 4 of them come from Samsung. Out of these 4 papers, two are devoted to under-display smartphone cameras:

  1. 0.8 um color pixels with wave-guiding structures for low optical crosstalk image sensors
    Y. Chang, C. Lin, Z. Tu, J. Lee, S. Cheng, C. Wu, K. Wu, H. Tsai,
    VisEra Technologies Company, Hsinchu City , Taiwan
  2. 2D, or not 2D, that is the question: How 3D-stacking is shaping the future of SPAD image sensors
    E. Charbon,
    École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
  3. A 64M CMOS image sensor using 0.7µm pixel with high FWC and switchable conversion gain
    J. Jung,
    Omnivision Technologies, Inc., Campbell, California, United States
  4. A low-voltage 0.7 µm pixel with 6000 e- full-well capacity for a low-power CMOS image sensor
    S. Lee, S. Cha, D. Jang, M. Kim, H. Lee, N. Lee, S. Kim, K. Oh, D. Lee, S. Hong, H. Lee, S. Oh, D. Park, Y. Kim, J. Ahn,
    System LSI, Samsung Electronics DS, Yongin, Giheung-gu, Republic of Korea
  5. A proposal of analog correlated multiple sampling with high density capacitors for low noise CMOS image sensors
    S. Kamoshita, M. Suzuki, R. Kuroda, S. Sugawa,
    Tohoku University, Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
  6. A single chip PPG sensor with enhanced IR sensitivity for low power and small size
    J. Lim, J. Kim, L. Yan, H. Noh, J. Pyo, J. Yun, S. Jung, D. Seol, K. Lee, T. NAGANO, J. Ahn,
    Pixel development team, Samsung Electronics Device Solutions, Hwaseong, Republic of Korea;
    T. Jung,
    Samsung Electronics, Yongin-city, Republic of Korea
  7. Computational photography at the point of capture
    M. Levoy,
    Adobe Inc., San Francisco, California, United States
  8. Deep-trench isolation: The holy grail for image sensors?
    A. Theuwissen,
    Harvest Imaging, Bree, Belgium;
    EE, TU Delft, Delft , Netherlands
  9. Under display camera image recovery through diffraction compensation
    J. Lee, Y. Choi, H. Lee, E. Heo, D. Lim, G. Lee, S. Song,
    Samsung Electronics, Hwaseong, Republic of Korea
  10. Under display camera Quad Bayer raw image restoration using deep learning
    I. Kim, Y. Choi, H. Ko, D. Lim, Y. Seo, J. Lee, G. Lee, E. Heo, S. Song, S. Lim,
    S.LSI, Samsung, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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