Friday, December 04, 2020

Metalens Paper

APL Photonics paper "CMOS-compatible all-dielectric metalens for improving pixel photodetector arrays" by E. Mikheeva, J.-B. Claude, M. Salomoni,  J. Wenger,  J. Lumeau,  R. Abdeddaim,  A. Ficorella,  A. Gola,  G. Paternoster, M. Paganoni, E. Auffray,  P. Lecoq, and  S. Enoch from Institut Fresnel, Multiwave Imaging, University of Milano-Bicocca, CERN, FBK, and Multiwave Metacrystal SA proposes an improvement in SPAD array sensitivity:

"Metasurfaces and, in particular, metalenses have attracted large interest and enabled various applications in the near-infrared and THz regions of the spectrum. However, the metalens design in the visible range stays quite challenging due to the smaller nanostructuring scale and the limited choice of lossless CMOS-compatible materials. We develop a simple yet efficient design of a polarization-independent, broadband metalens suitable for many CMOS-compatible fabrication techniques and materials and implement it for the visible spectral range using niobium pentoxide (Nb2O5). The produced metalens demonstrates high transmittance and focusing ability as well as a large depth of focus, which makes it a promising solution for a new generation of silicon photomultiplier photodetectors with reduced fill factor impact on the performance and reduced electron–hole generation regions, which altogether potentially leads to improved photodetection efficiency and other characteristics."

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