Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Aptina's HDR Video

Avnet publishes Vimeo video demoing Aptina HDR sensors:


  1. No great improvements compared to a few years ago.

  2. Images of AR0140 sensor at Lowlight conditions ~0 Lux (No IR) were taken in the lab. - What a radiation did Aptina record under 0 Lux? It points out the bad light conditions with light leakage or stray lights (not Lowlight).

    The last two images in this presentation taken outdoor, they show a very poor quality for both. I don't like any sensor, right or left. BTW, the images were taken on 01/2011 - No change from that time was done in Aptina? Do not believe...

  3. this is a very old video, they moved office almost a year ago, the scene in the video is the previous location


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