Saturday, February 21, 2015

poLight TLens Datasheet

poLinght publishes its TLens brief datasheet.

The POL10-3215 TLens Silver features:
  • Suitable of 1/4-inch sensors
  • Supports 3MP to 8MP resolutions
  • Easy to add on camera module
  • ESD and stray light protection option
  • Package size: 4.8mm x 4.8mm
  • Minimize additional thickness at fixed focus camera module level
  • Centering accuracy < +/-0,05mm
  • Response time down to 1ms
  • Power consumption as low as 1mW
  • Small footprint 3.2mm x 3.2mm
  • Focus distance from infinity down to 10cm
  • No sensitivity to gravity
  • Voltage range at Bottom electrode: 0V to 5V
  • Voltage at Top electrode: 0V to 40V
  • Maximum applied current: 1mA
  • Operating temperature from -10°C to 60°C


  1. The link points to a local recource.

  2. still for 1/4-inch sensor, wondering when they are reach the main stream 1/3 inch

  3. poLight is moving forward;

    Maturity level ES
    Package TLens® ES by Q1-16
    In mass production (MP) mid 2016
    The critical reliability tests passed successfully
    Full qualification run in process and will be finalized by February 2016
    Shipping products for customer qualification programs now

  4. Still Low optical power, Even lower on 1/3 inch, which is 2 yrs away


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