Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Samsung Techwin Sells off Its Imaging Patents

PR Web: ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale of Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd. imaging patents. The portfolio is directed to methods and apparatuses for camera phone modules, including:
  1. Nine patents directed to a lens system. These address reduction of an entire length, correction of distortion, increase in viewing angle, high resolution power, securing similar optical performance with fewer lenses, and reduction of variation of resolution power in automatic zooming, etc.
  2. Six patents directed to the structure and driving mechanism of the lens module. These allow for the minimization of the size of an optical system, auto-focus or zooming module, cost-saving of materials, and facilitation of electrical connection, etc.
  3. Four patents directed to the sliding structure. These address compact size with less thickness, reduction of friction, increase in sliding stroke, user convenience, smooth sliding operation, and better readability of a key pad, etc.
  4. One software patent addresses improvement of user convenience in combining images for panorama image.


  1. What' s going on! Imaging field is booming and big players want to get rid of it? Are we in a parallel universe or just the stupid lows of economy??

  2. Samsung Techwin was sold to Hanwha not in this area of business.


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