Friday, February 20, 2015

Interview with David Stork, Rambus

Image Sensors Conference, to be held in a month in London, UK, publishes an interview with one of its presenters, David Stork, Fellow and Research Director of the Computational Sensing and Imaging Group at Rambus Labs. The interview is mostly devoted to the lensless image sensor with grating instead of lens, already shown earlier on other conferences. Few quotes:

"In short, the grating produces an image blob on the sensor array that is meant for computers, not humans and unlike in a traditional camera, in our lensless smart sensor the image is computed using special algorithms. I’m particularly intrigued and encouraged by our most recent work on designing gratings and subsequent digital processing to address particular image sensing tasks such as image change detection, visual flow estimation, face detection, object tracking, people counting, and so on."

"Several facts are clear, though: our resolution is lower than that typically discussed at Image Sensors—thousands or tens of thousands of effective pixels, not millions or billions. Moreover, because of our sensor small size, we do not collect much light compromising our low-light sensitivity. We are confident that there are many large application areas for our sensors, even given these constraints."

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