Saturday, February 14, 2015

Toshiba Presents its Camera Modules for Google Project Ara

Modular Phones Forum: Toshiba presents its work on camera module design for Google Project Ara modular phones. Shardul Kazi, SVP from Toshiba America, says:

"We’ve been engaged in Ara program for more than a year now. Engagement started because of Toshiba’s involvement in the standards committee of MIPI UniPro, and UniPro is a backbone of the Ara phone. So we know UniPro very well. To make developers life easier we developed bridges (two types of bridges and the switch chip), so module developers can use those chips and they don’t need to learn about complexity of UniPro protocol."

So, Toshiba has started from the camera modules as Phase 1 of its Ara designs:

Toshiba has created a special web site devoted to its Ara modules progress and featuring a Youtube video with the first 5MP module:

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