Friday, February 20, 2015

Videantis and Gestigon Partner

Videantis and Gestigon partner to team Videantis’s low-power vision processing IP platform with Gestigon’s tracking and gesture recognition. The main aim of the cooperation is to bring gesture and pose recognition technology to the automotive market, which is rapidly adopting a wide variety of vision-based technology. More and more image sensors are entering cars, including depth-sensing technologies. These sensors can be used for skeleton tracking inside and around the car. The driver and passenger’s poses, behavior, and signals can be used for “classical” gesture control but also for more advanced, UX-focused comfort and security features.

Videantis is the perfect partner for gestigon”, gestigon CEO, Moritz von Grotthuss, says. “Their scalable, efficient processor IP already powers millions of cars on the road, and is a great target for low-power implementations of our algorithms that enable an innovative state-of-the-art user experience. The partnership is a perfect match -- both companies excel in their field of work and have already built a significant customer network among global automotive Tier 1s and OEMs.

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