Saturday, February 21, 2015

Qualcomm Research Demos

Qualcomm Research publishes Youtube videos of its 8-axis video image stabilization:

and scene classification:


  1. X-shift, Y-shift, Z-shift (along optical axis), roll, pitch and yaw.

    What are they defining as the other two axes?

  2. Magnification might be one (as result of autofocus). Leaving one more...

  3. Just a random guess: Maybe they are compensating for rolling shutter artefacts (shearing / wobbling).

    BTW: I do not see the significance of the shifting, compared to the effects of tilting (esp. in situations like the one shown in the video). Additionally, for shifting you would have to do a parallax correction to do it right, which I wonder if they are really doing?

  4. Well, with a gyro you can only compensate for rotation. To compensate for shift one has to analyse the image and/or use the acceleration sensor.


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