Tuesday, February 10, 2015

China on Acquisition Trail

Digitimes Research believes that China will be acquiring many Western semiconductor companies, which Omnivision being one of them.

"Establishing world-class IDMs is one of China's potential policy goals under the 13th Five-Year Plan. To accomplish this, a mature IC industry supply chain will be required. Making acquisitions of foreign companies to complement the existing IC industry supply chain is one of the best ways. Acquiring foreign companies that have technological competitiveness would allow China's IC industry to improve its technology capability. Moreover, the establishment of a CNY120 billion national investment fund will assist China's local IC firms to make acquisitions overseas. Digitimes Research believes that China-based IC design houses would complete more mergers and acquisitions overseas during the 13th Five-Year Plan period."


  1. 120B RMB to buy all these companies, that is cheap!

  2. The US department of defense marks semiconductor (and tube!) manufacturing as critical strategic assets, so with the dominance of FPGAs in defense applications its unlikely anyone could buy out Xilinx or Altera.

  3. How about the deal on OVI please?


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