Sunday, February 15, 2015

FT: Sony Aims at Automotive Cameras

Financial Times: Sony owns about 40% market share in CMOS sensors for smartphones, digital cameras and tablets, followed by roughly 16% share of OmniVision and 16% share of Samsung, according to 2014 TSR report. But Sony only ranks fifth with a 5% share in automotive image sensors.

Shigeo Ohba, GM of Sony’s image sensor business, said "We have to be No 1 in automotive sensors" by the time self-driving cars are expected to hit the roads in early to mid-2020s. Recently, Sony established a new business group targeting image sensors for cars and is actively hiring engineers. “We were latecomers in smartphone cameras but we still created this market. Now we can do the same with automotive cameras,” said Shoichi Kitayama, Sony’s GM of the automotive group.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai is expected to disclose his automotive image sensor plans on the strategy briefing on Wednesday.

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