Wednesday, February 25, 2015

More on Sharp Colorized IR Camera publishes an article on AIT and Sharp development of a colorized IR-illuminated camera: "The technology performs the color processing based on the weak correlation between the reflectance properties in the visible light region of objects and those in the infrared region, and obtains color images of the objects in the same or similar colors as the colors of the objects in visible light." The AIT colorizing algorithms require a modification of image sensor in the camera, but article gives no details on what kind of modification is needed.

Left- nightime image with no active IR illumination
Right - IR illumination is on and colorizing algorithms enabled


  1. I think that this technique has probably been used in this splendid movie :

    They use Canon camera without IR filter and then process the video to get a subjectively "realistic" rendition.

    -yang ni

  2. 3 IR bands? But the correlation seems very week..
    What's wrong with color cam and white led?

    1. There are applications, which do not allow white LED (e.g. traffic applications) due to driver distraction.


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