Friday, February 20, 2015

Broadcom Proposes to Involve Internet Data to In-Camera Processing

Broadcom patent application US20150042843 "Systems and methods for improving images" by Ike Aret Ikizyan and Noam Sorek proposes to use network connectivity to improve smartphone camera image processing:

"Systems and methods are provided for improving image accuracy and/or perceptual quality by using supplemental data from sources external to an image sensor and/or a light sensor of an imaging device without requiring users to manually enter this data. The supplemental data, for example, may include lighting condition information retrieved from databases that provide general weather information, color temperature models, images in a similar environment, control setting information of those images, statistical information of those images, and/or any other information that may be used to improve the accuracy and/or perceptual quality of an image that was or will be captured. In some aspects, if the image has not yet been captured, the supplemental data may be used by the imaging device to adjust appropriate control settings (e.g., a color balance setting, a flash setting, an aperture setting, a shutter speed setting, an exposure compensation setting, an ISO setting, a light frequency setting, a noise reduction setting, a sharpening setting, etc.) such that the image can be captured accurately and/or with higher perceptual quality. In some aspects, if the image has already been captured, the supplemental data may be used to adjust the image itself so that it accurately reflects the environment in the image and/or improves the perceptual quality.

...environment identification module 202 may determine the environment using a global positioning system (GPS) sensor, a Wi-Fi-based positioning system (WPS) sensor, a gyroscopic sensor, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, and/or other sensors. One or more of these sensors may be part of imaging device 102.

One could expect such kind of patents come from Apple, Broadcom is a surprising source for that.

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