Sunday, January 02, 2022

EU Autovision Collaboration Targets Graphene SWIR Sensor for Automotive Applications

The AUTOVISION Spearhead Project aims to develop a graphene-based SWIR image sensor, and integrate it in a suitable camera system for self-driving cars.

Led by Qurv in Barcelona, AUTOVISION counts on the collaboration of industrial partners such Aixtron in the UK and Veoneer in Sweden, to help make safe deployment of autonomous vehicles possible.

The AUTOVISION project, over the course of three years, will produce CMOS graphene quantum dot image sensors in prototype sensor systems, ready for uptake in the automotive sector. Across the duration of the project, the developing image sensor is set to take huge leaps in sensitivity, operation speed and pixel size.

Once we talk about graphene and its applications, there is Vimeo lecture of Konstandtin Novoselvov, a co-recipient of Nobel Prize for graphene invention:

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